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Why Your Furnace Smells like It Is Burning

Do you smell something burning whenever you turn your furnace on or while it is currently at work? Here are the reasons why this happens.

It smells like burning dust when you fire your furnace for the first time after a long summer rest. It is because of the dust and other debris gathered in the system which gets burned when you turn your furnace on. This is still considered a normal situation especially when the heating season starts. However if the smell lasts more than 30 minutes and continues even in the middle of the operation, there may be more serious problems to deal.

Clogged Filter

Dirt and dust can accumulate in the filter and hinder proper airflow. This adds additional strain to your furnace especially to the motor part. An overworked motor produces a burning smell and if this continues, the motor will stop working completely. It is important to replace air filters before you run your furnace for the first time and have a regular check, cleaning or replacement if necessary.

Closed Vents

Many homeowners prefer to have their vents closed especially in those parts of the house which are not occupied. However, closing many vents can also be a reason for the burning smell. Your furnace pushes warm air through the vents and into your home. When vents are closed, warm air builds up in the furnace and can also lead to major damages. Unlike cool air, when warm air is trapped in the system, it produces a burning smell.

Other Possible Reasons

 Electrical shorts can also happen in the furnace system. The burning smell that you notice may be because of melt wires and insulators. It can also be caused by faulty furnace components or when certain debris gets in contact with the component in your furnace that produces the heat.

Service The Furnace

If you smell smoke coming from your furnace but was not able to determine the cause, keep the furnace off until the service technician arrives. Let him diagnose the issue and provide proper solutions. Never ignore this kind of problem because it can turn a simple issue into a major disaster.

If you are troubled by the unfamiliar odors coming from your furnace, we at All Around A/C, Heating and Refrigeration will be very glad to pay a visit.

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