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Why is There a Puddle Near My Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit?

It is difficult not to panic when an emergency suddenly pops up in your home especially when it comes to your heating and cooling system. Like when you see puddles of water underneath your air conditioner’s condenser unit, and you suddenly get that feeling that something’s wrong with your system which is indeed true. But try to see on the bright side: you are lucky to find the puddle of water before it becomes the size of a pond and of course, you are even luckier to have All-A-Round Air Conditioning & Heating to help you solve the case.

Where Does the Water Come From?

Are you familiar with how your air conditioner works? Aside from pumping cool air, it removes heat from the inside of your home. The condenser will pump the refrigerant to the different parts of the system to collect heat and moisture from your home. As the collection of moisture and heat passes through the cold evaporator coils, the warm air is released outside while the cool air is directed through the ducts and back to your home, giving you a cooler indoor temperature.

So what happens to the moisture? It condenses and drips to the condenser pan which is directed outdoors through the drain line. If you see puddles of water under your unit, the cause is either one of the following:

  • Clogged Drain Line. The drain line should be the only exit of water in your system. But with the accumulation of dust, dirt, bacteria, algae and many other particles, it gets clogged and hinders the proper exit of water. Many homeowners would try to flush out the drain line with chlorine to remove the obstacles while other would drill holes on the A/C to solve the issue. We suggest you leave it to the professionals for rightful solutions.
  • Defective Drain You may not know it, but there can be small cracks and holes in your drain pan and drain lines. Sometimes these parts may rust, wear and split up over time as your unit ages which causes the water to leak out from your system.
  • Air Leaks. The presence of air leakages allows the warm outside air to come in contact with the cold air inside the system which forms a drastic increase of moisture and condensation inside. When it happens, the condenser pan and drain line can no longer hold the excess water and eventually leaks out.

Regular Maintenance Is A Must!

All these issues point back to the need of annual maintenance service for your air conditioning units. Do not hesitate to call our professionals for complete and reliable services at the right costs. Set an appointment with us today!

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