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Why Is My Outdoor A/C Unit’s Fan Not Spinning?

It happens in many houses when air conditioning units are not producing enough cold air to cool the entire house. This can be pretty uncomfortable and you need to fix the issue immediately. So you walked out of the house, checked the outdoor unit and noticed that the fan is not working. What could have probably happened?

Here are some reasons why your air conditioning fan is not spinning.

Bad Fan Motor/ Bad Capacitor

If you notice that the fan is not spinning but the compressor is running a normal operation, you are probably dealing with a faulty fan motor or capacitor. The start capacitor is responsible for providing a jolt of stored electrical energy which signals the electric fan motor to start running. If the capacitor is damaged, the fan will not be able to start spinning.

A temporary solution is to give the fan a small force. Using a stick, slowly push the fan and see if it gets going. Do not try to use your fingers for safety reasons. Even if the fan starts to spin, do not conclude that the problem is fixed. Be sure to call a professional technician for help in fixing the issue completely.

If the fan simply does not start, wait for the technician to arrive and turn off your unit in the meantime. Otherwise, you will be faced with an overheating compressor. This can be a big issue to deal with.

Defective Compressor Contractor

If both the compressor and the fan motor are not working, the problem probably lies in the flow of power towards your outdoor unit. Be sure to check the electrical wirings. It can also be caused by a faulty compressor contractor whose job is to deliver power to the compressor and the fan motor. If this is the case, check the circuit breaker box and look for tripped breakers. If you find one, turn off the A/C at the thermostat, reset the breaker and turn it on.

If the breaker is not tripped, you may need to replace the faulty compressor contractor to bring back your system’s proper operation.

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