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Top Energy-Saving Myths

Many homeowners often fall to a handful misconception about home efficiency tips. Most of these pieces of advice are perhaps handed down or just heard from their friends. As your trusted HVAC contractor in Wills Point, TX, let us help you debunk these top energy-saving myths and make informed decisions.

Myth #1: Bigger is Always Better

When it comes to a new heating or cooling installation, choosing the right size of HVAC systems is essential. Most homeowners think that the bigger the comfort unit, the better; however, it’s not true. An oversized A/C will likely go on short cycles, causing an inconsistent temperature and early system failure. On the other hand, an undersized air conditioner will take a longer time to cool your space, thus, increasing your energy consumption. The best and wise move you can do is to consult the experts.

Myth #2: Lower Temperature will Cool Faster

Setting your thermostat to lower temperature will not help your A/C to cool your home faster. It will only put pressure on your system, which means longer time to operate, more wasted energy and higher electric bills.  To save more energy and keep your cooling system works at its best what you can do is invest in a programmable or smart thermostat and set it to your ideal home’s temperature.

Myth #3: Closed Vents or Registers Save More Energy

Closing your vents, registers, or grills in unused rooms put pressure on your HVAC system to work properly. It is a common mistake that homeowners do, thinking that it will reduce their energy consumption, but it is actually causing their system to wear out faster. Note that blocking or closing off one or more vents may develop airflow problems and duct leaks.

Myth #4: Use of Ceiling Fans to Cool the Air Effectively

Ceiling fan serves as a supplement to your heating and cooling system. It makes people feel cooler, but it doesn’t actually help to cool down your indoor air. Leaving it on will just waste electricity; at the same time, it’s not cooling the room temperature.

Myth #5: Appliances that are Turned off Eliminates Energy Usage

These energy vampires continuously draw electricity even though they were turned off. What you can do is either unplugged them after use or plugged them to a smart power strip and single adapter to switch them on and off at the same time.

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