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Tips To Protect Your A/C From The Winter Blast

Summer has been a tough season for your air conditioning system. It’s just right to give your A/C a safe rest these cold months and winterizing it can be a good start. Here are some important tips to protect your air conditioning unit against the cold weather, rust damage, and other elements this winter.

Check if there’s a need for repair. Don’t let your A/C hibernate over the winter with malfunctioning components. If you notice that something is wrong with it during the last month of its operation, be sure to have it repaired.

Turn off the power. It’s probably the first thing that you should do. Find the A/C circuit and flip the switch to turn it down this winter. This can save you on electricity loads and prevents the unit from accidentally turning on when winter turns unusually warm. Water can also get its way to your unit and freeze which can lead to greater damage.

Clean your A/C. Before stowing your unit, be sure to wash those bird droppings, dirt, and dust. Your unit is built for extreme temperature so the cold may not hurt it but the debris gathered in the unit can. Remove small branches, leaves and other gunk and let the unit dry completely.

Insulate the pipes. There are available foam pipe covers that you can use to insulate the exterior exposed pipes. This will protect the pipe from the extreme temperature. Hold the foam covers in place by wrapping them with duct tapes.

Cover your A/C. Covering your unit is a good idea to keep the metals safe however, there is also dangers ahead. Some coverings can cause moisture accumulation and can be a perfect spot for animals. It’s always better to use the ones specifically designed for your A/C model.

Secure your unit with a cord. Vinyl ropes or bungee cords can be used to keep your air conditioning unit secured from the strong winter wind. Be sure that the cord is tied firmly.

Check your air conditioning unit regularly. Check your units periodically to see if the cover is still in place. Strong winds, ice buildup and other circumstances may have caused it to fall out of place. If debris accumulate underneath your A/C or in the covers, clear them.

There! Your A/C is ready to make it through winter. If you’re still in need of a late season A/C repair, feel free to call All Around A/C, Heating and Refrigeration for help.


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