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Tips On Maintaining Refrigeration Systems This Summer

Do not ever think that it is you alone who needs to beat the summer heat. It is also a crucial season for grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses that heavily depend on refrigeration systems. Companies know that their refrigeration system should work 24/7/365 to keep the business running that is why they make sure that their units are well-prepared to face the summer challenge.

Here are some pieces of advice to get rid of refrigeration emergency services:

  • Refrigeration Location

Put your refrigeration equipment away from the exterior walls and windows. The walls and windows release heat which can get inside the refrigeration system. The heat can affect the efficiency of your system and can lead to early system breakdown. Be sure also to place them at a certain distance from any heat-producing equipment.

  • Upgrade to Automated Alarm Monitoring

An automated alarm monitoring system allows you to monitor the performance of your refrigeration system. It automatically sends signals to you or your staff if something is wrong with your units. It includes warnings and reports on the temperature of the coils, suction pressures, and the overall energy usage of the refrigeration system.

  • Use LED Display Lighting

You can cut down the energy consumption of your refrigeration system by replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED strips in the refrigerated cases. LEDs are more suitable to use because they give off just a little amount of heat and last longer even in colder environments.

  • Install Anti-Sweat Controls

The latest refrigeration equipment comes with heaters which prevent condensation on the glass. If you have this kind of refrigeration system, you can opt to install anti-sweat controls to regulate the heaters and help it to function properly. You can even save up to 70% of energy in each cold case.

  • Schedule A Preventive Maintenance Service

The best way to keep your refrigeration system ready for the summer months is by scheduling a preventive maintenance service with your trusted technician. By checking the system’s temperature readings, liquid and suction lines, and refrigerant level, you are given assurance that your system will work properly when the critical days arrive. Preventive maintenance also includes checking the discharge, cleaning the coils and drain pans, and provide lubrication on the mechanical parts if needed.

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