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Tips For Making Your Ice Machine Run Smoother During Summer

Surely, you expect your ice machine to function at its peak performance especially this summer. But just like all other appliances which are in demand for the season, ice machines can also act up and cause chaos to the business operation. The two biggest reasons why your ice machines malfunctions are heat and poor maintenance.  These two are partners in making your unit less efficient.

With poor maintenance, your unit cannot deal with the summer heat and the stress can break it or cause it to work slower. If you want to keep your ice machine in a good performance for the entire season, here are some helpful tips to follow.

Where is your ice machine located?

The location of the ice machine is an important factor that affects its efficiency. Be careful not to place the machine in areas with high temperature because just like the refrigerators and freezers, their condenser can easily overheat. When the external temperature is high, the ice machine finds it too hard to operate and takes a longer time to make ice. The same thing happens when you put it next to a heat generating appliance.

Do you have a filtration system?

You might be wondering why a filtration system is still needed when the water ends up frozen to produce ice. Although there is a logic here, that is not the real reason for filtration in ice machines. A filtration system prevents the sediments from entering the ice machine. Without it, the process leads to little to no scale build-up in the lines and reservoir. As a result, the unit will run smoother at a reduced cost.

Is there enough airflow?

Be sure to secure a certain amount of gap around the ice machine to help it run smoothly. Remove all other things at the top or on the sides of the unit. Anything adjacent to the machine can restrict the air gap which your ice machine needs to cool down. To know how much space should be provided, check the owner’s manual or ask your service technician. Additionally, be sure to check if there is dust accumulation in the air intake vent. If there is, clean the area immediately to prevent heat build-up.

Do you schedule regular maintenance checks?

You should! It is an important procedure to keep your ice machine running smoothly and efficiently as possible. The maintenance check for ice machines includes cleaning of parts, dusting, and checks for proper air circulation and operating temperature. This will not just prolong the life of your unit but gives you happy customers as well.


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