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The Importance of Refrigerant in Air Conditioning

Maybe you have already heard about refrigerants, and you are looking to expand your knowledge about how it helps in the operation of your air conditioning unit. Well, we can help you with these information tidbits that will make you understand more the vital component that saves your day-to-day comfort.

Let me just say; there is no air conditioning without refrigerants. That’s how important it is. The invention of these helpful components paves the way to revolutionized industries and fully transformed the lifestyles of many people all around the globe.

What’s the Role of Refrigerants in the Cooling Cycle?

This low-pressure gas is usually stored in the copper coils. Since we all know that coppers do well in transferring heat, together with the refrigerant, they play an important role in absorbing the heat in the gas that passes through. This then transforms the hot refrigerant gas into its liquid state and is moved out and continuously cooled down by a fan until it comes back to its gaseous form. The cycle continues until the desired temperature inside your home is met.

Are Refrigerants Safe?

Previous refrigerants are proven dangerous to one’s health as well as to the environment. That is why the government has ordered the full-stop of their use to both commercial and residential HVAC systems. On the other hand, today’s innovations of refrigerant gas are safer to use and are easy on the environment as well. Modern refrigerants like R-410A and R-134 do not bring damage to the ozone layer and reduce the carbon footprint of air conditioning systems significantly.

How Often should you Replace your Refrigerants?

Actually, you do not really need to replace your refrigerant since it does not go anywhere and its part of the cooling cycle. However, we can not deny that over the long time that you have been using your air conditioner, problems may arise which includes refrigerant leaks. If this happens, replacing the lost refrigerant is not enough. You also need to find and seal the leaks. Your trusted HVAC technicians will get the job done for you.

When the summer season strikes, the refrigerant plays like the MVP of your HVAC system. It may be one of the many less-talked-about inventions in the society but mind you, it is the basis for comfortable houses in the most extreme climates.

Is your HVAC system under performing? We recommend an inspection for refrigerant leaks. Contact us at ­All-A-Round Air Conditioning and Heating ­­­today, and we will have your problem fixed in no time.


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