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The Ideal Temperature to Set Heat to for the New Year

Everyone gets excited as the New Year begins. It’s that time of the year again for lots of parties, family gatherings and New Years. For this reason, we tend to set the temperature too high, thinking that it will keep the cold drafts at bay.

But what is the ideal temperature to set heat to this New Year? Read this post from All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration, LLC.

Ideal Temperature Setting in the Daytime

To achieve that comfortable warm feeling, set your thermostat between 68 to 72 degrees. This temperature setting is not too warm or cool, but the comfort that is just right. Plus, it helps save your energy dollars and keep your HVAC system from working too hard.

Night Time & Away Temperature

Did you know you can save as much as 6% on your heating bill by turning down your thermostat a few degrees? Simply lower the temperature to 61 degrees. This way, when everyone is asleep and less active, you won’t be wasting energy. Additionally, it will keep the pipes from freezing during the long winter months.

Also, if you’re planning on taking a trip this holiday season, we suggest setting your thermostat to 55 degrees or higher. It can help prevent your furniture and other objects from getting warped due to extreme weather condition.

Upgrade Your Thermostat to Automate Your Savings

Worried about forgetting to set your thermostat back after a long holiday trip? This is where a programmable or smart thermostat helps! Here’s why you should upgrade your device:

  • This digital model can automatically adjust your indoor temperature.
  • It gives you full control and access to your home’s temperature anywhere and anytime.
  • You can set your home’s heating and cooling schedule.
  • It comes with unique features, including filter replacement notifications, energy usage records, system diagnostics, and WiFi-compatibility.
  • It is more accurate and accessible compared to the old dial-type model.

Extra Scoop of NEW YEARS Saving Tips

  • Avoid shutting off the vents (even in unused rooms).
  • Don’t leave your Christmas lights “on” overnight.
  • Refrain from covering your thermostat.
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance.
  • Use light-emitting diode (LED) & Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-certified lights.
  • Replace your filters.

You’re now ready for the festivities! We hope this blog helps you to achieve optimal comfort and savings this New Year.

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