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The Benefits of Smart Thermostats in the Summer

When the temperature rises, your air conditioning system becomes a crucial component of your home. But cranking up your A/C just to get the comfort you want could also mean risking more than half of your budget for your energy bill. In case you want to know, smart thermostats can help you crack down your monthly energy consumption without compromising your comfort.  Check out these amazing benefits that you can get by installing one in your home this summer season.

Remote Access

We understand that you are a busy person, but you can never say that as an excuse to increase the temperature in your thermostat when you rush to leave for work. Good thing, with a smart thermostat, you have one less concern to worry because you can manipulate the thermostat even when you are away from home.  Easy! Just install the app associated with the model of your smart thermostat and using your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to adjust the temperature inside your home.

Up-to-Date Features and Settings

With smart thermostats, you can adjust the setting to your preferred temperature based on your daily routine. It will be easy for you to schedule your temperature preference based on your lifestyle. It is a unique feature of smart thermostats to handle the temperature setting as you come and go. So you do not have to worry about the wasted energy.

Add Multiple Thermostats

The cooling needs in each part of your home may vary. By adding multiple smart thermostats in the different parts of your home, you can obtain the comfort that you want while saving on cooling cost. Say, for instance, your cooling need in the kitchen is not as great as your needs in the bedroom. So you can adjust the temperature in that area to save energy. This is especially helpful when your house is zoned, and you are using multiple HVAC units.

Detect Your Presence

Some people are very busy in their day-to-day lives resulting in significant conflicts in their presence at home. A smart thermostat works well for these kinds of people as it detects the motion in your home. In case you are rushing to the office and forgot to set the thermostat, the motion detector will sense your absence and will automatically manipulate the temperature on your behalf.

Don’t be the last to enjoy these great benefits! Call the professionals at All-A-Round A/C today, and we will help you find the right device to boost your comfort and savings at home.


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