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5 Surprising Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

During the hot summer months, things can get worse in your attic without proper ventilation. It can wreak havoc on everything you have stored up there. Not only that, the excessive heat also has a drastic effect on your comfort and energy consumption.

This is where solar attic fans can make a change. Read up to learn the surprising benefits you can get from using solar fans.

Increases Energy Savings

You can save more on your energy costs by going green with solar attic fans. Sound surreal, isn’t it? But you heard it right. Using an attic fan helps you slash your monthly electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint consumption. The next thing you know—you’re already saving on your energy costs big time!

Improves Your A/C Unit Performance

Did you know that solar attic fans can improve your system’s performance? They remove heat buildup inside your home, which adds strain to your air conditioners. This way, your HVAC system does not need to run nonstop to keep you comfortable.

Reduces Moisture

Extreme temperatures can cause serious problems such as mildew and mold growth. Good thing, solar attic fans have you covered in any climate. Installing an attic fan can reduce moisture in your home, which add up to your comfort.

Less Expensive Than Full Ventilation Systems

Solar attic fans are less expensive than full ventilation systems. They are very useful and do not require long hours of installation.  Also, these environmental-friendly attic fans provide proper ventilation.

More Rewards!

Aside from the perks mentioned, you are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit by installing a new solar attic fan. Federal tax rebates apply to the purchase price and installation costs of solar attic fans. See? You can get more rewards when you invest in a solar fan.

High-Quality Solar Fans Installation in Tyler, TX

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