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Smart Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills

Now that the weather outside is frightful, keeping warm this cold season can also get very expensive. Fortunately, All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration has some tips to help you reduce your heating bills this winter. So stay right there and keep your eyes on this page!

Run Your Fan the Right Way

Save as much as 20% on your energy bill by using your ceiling fans. The goal is to push the heated air up into the ceiling to add an extra layer of warmth. To make it happen, your fans should run in a clockwise position. Remember—make sure you’re doing it right or else it will cost you more.

Seal Leaky Windows & Doors

Did you know that 7% to 12% of the heat loss in your home is due to leaky windows and doors? These sneaky cold drafts put a lot of pressure on your unit, causing your heating bill to climb making your home less comfortable. Get your caulking gun or apply weather stripping to seal up the leaks and save on your energy bills.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Some homeowners forget to check their thermostat settings, while others set the temperature too high thinking that it will heat their home faster. Both of these tricks will only make your space uncomfortable, cause your unit to run longer, and waste more energy. So make sure to set your thermostat to “heat” and turn it down by 1 or 2 degrees for optimal savings and comfort.

Extra-Insulation in Your Home

Oh, that extremely cold winter can threaten your home’s comfort during the frosty months. Start fortifying your defense with insulation. Call in the experts to check your home, from walls to the pipes. These parts of your house may need an extra layer of insulation to help your system work efficiently and keep the warm temperature in. Additionally, making sure they’re properly insulated can prevent your pipes from freezing and your energy cost to be substantially high.

Schedule a Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? So as early as possible, schedule preventative maintenance for your heating system with your local contractor. This way, they can check your unit, catch potential issues, and prevent emergency breakdowns in the wintertime.

Before you get caught up in the busiest time of the year, be sure that you have a well-functioning system to keep you and your family warm, safe, and cozy this holiday season. Follow these smart ways to enjoy Christmas with big savings on your bank!

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