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Winter Heating Safety Tips You Should Know

Did you know that most home fires involve the heating system? According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated average of 52,050 fire incidents are being reported each year. Sounds alarming, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry! You and your family can count on All-A-Round to stay warm and safe this winter. Learn some heating safety tips throughout this post.

Install And Test CO Alarms

Electric or gas furnaces can emit carbon monoxide. This odorless substance can pose health and safety risks. Make sure to install smoke and CO alarms in your home. Using them, you can identify if there’s a gas leak or fire hazards present in your living space.

Clean & Clear

The vent, filter, ductwork, and outdoor unit are the most unnoticeable components of your heating system. Here are some basic tasks you must do:

  • Clear the vent from any obstructions such as furniture and other appliances.
  • Change your filter regularly for proper system operation.
  • Have your ductwork clean by the experts.
  • Cover your outdoor unit to prevent ice buildup.

Keep An Eye on Space Heaters

Whether you use a propane or electric space heater, don’t leave it unattended or operate overnight. This device can overheat and cause a fire. Place it on a safe, flat surface and plug it directly into a wall. Refrain from using it in a bathroom and other damp areas. If you notice any exposed wires, best not to use it. 

Have a Routine Maintenance

Regular system checkup keeps your unit in excellent working condition. If you skip or stop your unit’s routine maintenance, it will lose its efficiency. As a result, your heating equipment becomes more unreliable, which can pose a threat to your home’s comfort and safety.

Maintain a Three Feet Clearance

As a rule of thumb, keep flammable materials at least three feet away from heat-generating equipment. Don’t hang any objects too close to your furnace or fireplace that can easily ignite. You should also know that frayed or damaged wires could start electrical issues.  Another tip: Always have a fire extinguisher in your home in case of an emergency.

By following these heating safety tips, you can minimize the risk of fires and comfort issues as the cold weather continues. If you need heating service in your Tyler, TX home, contact us at All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration, LLC. We have licensed experts who perform the job quickly and professionally. Get a FREE estimate today!


Halloween Energy-Saving Tips by All-A-Round A/C

There’s nothing scarier than a horrifying energy bill! That’s why All-Around A/C is here to treat you with these Halloween energy-saving tricks. So, read more here!

Exorcise All Energy Vampires

Believe it or not, but your home may be loaded with energy vampires. They usually come out when you leave your appliances plugged in even when they’re turned off or not in use.

Here are some tricks to stop them from bleeding you dry:

  • Use smart power strips to turn them on and off automatically.
  • Unplug your electronics when they’re not in use.
  • Upgrade to Energy-Star certified appliances.

Brush the Cobwebs Off Your Ceiling Fans

Who says your ceiling fans are only good for the summer? Well, you can also use them these cooler months. The trick is letting your fans run in reverse (clockwise rotation), to allow a gentle updraft and keeping you comfortably warm. This can lower your heating bill as much as 20%.

Use Solar Walkway Lights

Another fun yet safe way to celebrate Halloween is by using solar walkway lights. With this, the kids stay safe as they tread to your front door at night. Not only that, you’re also reducing carbon footprint in your home since they don’t need electricity to function. They charge up during the day, so you can expect a much lower energy bills. Also, they are cost-effective, easy to install, and require little maintenance.

Close Your Chimney Flue When Not in Use

Spooky bats and other creepy creatures may invade your home through an open chimney. To prevent them from coming in your space, be sure your flue is closed when you’re not using it. This also saves a lot of energy. Plus, your system works so much better without leaks.

Fortify Your Defenses with Insulation

Sure you can’t wait for the most terrifying night of the year—Halloween! But make sure your home defense won’t let you down this cold season. Many homeowners tend to overlook this essential factor and get tangled in unpleasant situations. So, as early as now, let the experts check your space and add or replace your insulation.

Don’t Waste Your Heat on Ghosts

Use your thermostat properly to ensure that you are not wasting energy on ghosts. Unnecessarily heating your home is a sure hit to your utility bills. There is no need to overly warm your space. Just turn down the heat by 1 or 2 degrees and consider putting extra layers to beat the cold.

Now you’re ready to stop your energy bill from turning into monsters! Go, dress as a ghost, and scare your neighborhood!

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Scary Symptoms of a Bad Water Heater

You may not think of your water heater that much. However, it may turn out to be your worst nightmare when it fails. Don’t get caught in the cold! Get ready and be mindful of these terrifying symptoms of a bad water heater.

Odd Smells

If the water smells like rotten eggs, this is due to existing bacteria in your tank. A decaying anode rod may need to be replaced, so you need a fast and reliable solution ASAP! Contact a qualified service professional to address the issue immediately.

Sub-Zero Temperatures

Do you feel like you’re in Antarctica because the water is as cold as ice? When it’s too cold, it could spell trouble for your water heater, especially if there’s an excessive sediment buildup. Mineral deposits accumulate at the bottom of a storage tank when the water is heated. As the process continues, more residue is stored in the tank—making the problem worse. For a quick fix, drain your water tank at least once a year.

Strange Noises

Mineral deposits settle at the bottom of your tank and build up over time. This causes your water heater to overheat, making strange noises. Also, these sediments can create small cracks or holes in your system and eventually resulting in leaks.

Rusty Looks

Does your water look rusty? This could mean that your system is corroding from inside. In this case, you need to check your storage tank and look for an anode rod that is screwed on top of it. This rod keeps your water heater from rusting and has to be replaced on a regular basis.

Leaking or Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is a safety device that controls the pressure in your water heater. Once it fails to function, the scenarios are scary—exceeded boiling point, flooded homes, and extensive property damage. To prevent this awful situation, make sure that your water heater is maintained regularly. Let our expert team ensure that your system is working properly and will not give you stress throughout the year.

Dependable Preventative Maintenance in Wills Point, TX

Prevention is always better than cure! Don’t wait too long to fix any issues with your water heater, talk to us today so we can help you prevent these trouble signs in the future. Our expert team will be happy to assist you with our maintenance programs.

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