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Key Signs Your Fridge is on the Fritz

Just like other appliances, your fridge has a tendency of breaking down when you least expect it. Luckily, you can prevent this unexpected problem by paying attention to these key signs that your fridge is showing you with. Here are the most common hints that your fridge is on the fritz.

Uncontrollable Ice Buildup

If you notice that your fridge is covered by ice and the cold is out of control, it’s an obvious sign of a mechanical or electrical issue. This problem will cause your electric bills to soar high and hurt your budget. Also, it will give you a hard time to keep your food and beverages for some time due to the extreme cold temperature.

Strange and Loud Noises

Do you hear continuous strange and loud noises coming from your fridge? Like humming and buzzing sounds that are really disturbing? These indicate frayed wires, damaged motor, or other major system issues. Though your fridge may not be the quietest appliance, it should not produce any noise when it’s running.

It Feels a Lot Like Summer!

You know your fridge is on the fritz when you have to drink your ice cream, and your food easily gets spoiled because it’s not cooling enough. Check first if the power is on. Next is, try to adjust the thermostat of your system. If it’s still not cooling enough, call the pro to fix the problem right away.

Oh No! There’s a Puddle

If the drip pan under your fridge becomes a puddle, it can be caused by a loose or clogged drainage hose. Though your system may have minimal condensation or moisture, still it shouldn’t leak.  Other reasons could be a worn-out seal, broken drip pan, or bad insulation. Be sure to contact a certified repairman to get the job done right and avoid unnecessary costs.

Sudden Spike on Electric Bills

An increase in your monthly expenses can be caused by a faulty fridge. Though it is considered as an energy hog at home, it shouldn’t blow up your electric bills. Here’s a trick that you may consider: try plugging a watt-hour meter to your fridge and monitor how much energy your unit is consuming.

Fridge Service Needs In Wills Point, TX, and Nearby Areas

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