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Why A Service Agreement Is Worth Every Penny

Is preventive maintenance worth every penny in the long run? Or it’s just another pain in the pocket? This episode will help you decide why a service agreement is a wise investment for your heating and cooling system.

Ensures System Efficiency

Obstructions can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you constantly use your unit, its efficiency might be reduced causing your energy bill to rise. Preventive maintenance removes blockages to make sure that your unit functions at its maximum performance, without any particles that may cause it to work harder and consume more energy than the right amount needed.

Prolongs System Lifespan

There are expected service periods for your unit, but with preventive maintenance, the life of your system will is extended.  Unwanted particles such as dust and dirt may hinder the proper functioning of your system and may cause it to work harder and longer for the same amount of heating or cooling load. They can cause your system to overwork and break down. Service agreement is a smart way to prevent these problems to happen and improve the longevity of your equipment.

Improves Air Quality

Preventive maintenance agreement ensures that the air you breathe is healthy and free of dust, pollen and fungi that may trigger respiratory issues and allergy in your family members. With regular inspection and cleaning, your indoor air is safe from pollution and contamination providing a healthier environment inside your home.

Reduces Expensive Repairs

We depend so much on our heating and cooling units to give us comfort for the changing weather. Due to continuous use, we cannot prevent problems which need repairs to happen. However, service agreements will decrease the chance of expensive repair by regularly monitoring the components and fixing small problems before they become complex. It will also save you from unexpected HVAC repairs.

Provides Discount and Priority Services

You can save money with service agreement since you will be paying ten percent less than the regular price. Aside from that, you will be included in your chosen HVAC company’s priority list which benefits you especially on peak seasons.

Savvy and busy homeowners sign up for service agreement for their HVAC systems. This decision makes them not than just wise on their system but also smart on the money they spend.

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