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Mold and Dampness: What Are Their Health Risks and How to Prevent Them?

Indoor mold and dampness are among those threats that could secretly attack thousands of residents in Wills Point, TX and nearby areas. You will not notice them until they show signs of health issues that can put you and your family at great risk. Read on to understand more about mold and dampness, the health risks associated with them, and the solutions to prevent them.

Health Problems Associated With Mold and Dampness

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory had concluded that mold and building dampness can increase the risk of health problems by 30 to 50%. Along with this, EPA also found out that these are the factors that contribute to the 21% asthma cases in the United States. Various studies have also associated these issues to numerous health problems, including:

  • Nasal and chest congestion, headaches and sore throat
  • Sore, watery or dry eyes
  • Lung infection in patients with weak immune systems or those with pre-existing lung problems like COPD
  • Skin irritation and allergies
  • Problems in upper respiratory tract like wheezing, coughing, and breathing difficulty
  • Triggers the symptoms of asthma

People with allergies can have a severe reaction to mold. And those who are in a good health condition can potentially develop sensitivity when exposed to mold and dampness for a longer time.

Managing Mold and Dampness

Controlling the moisture problems inside your home is an important step to manage mold and dampness. When you notice musty odor, visible mold or indoor dampness, the health authorities will encourage you to:

  • Use IAQ cleaner to remove and prevent mold
  • Remove damp materials
  • Dry your space or area as soon as possible
  • Eliminate the source of mold and dampness

Not only burst pipes, leaky roofing, or flooding can cause mold and dampness. Having poor HVAC maintenance can also contribute to these problems, giving similar health risks to your family.

Risk No More! Call For Professional HVAC Maintenance Now!

By having a routine inspection and preventive HVAC maintenance in Wills Point, TX and surrounding areas, mold and dampness can be addressed and resolved in no time, keeping you and your family away from health issues.

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