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Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your A/C?

Is your air conditioner giving you stress instead of comfort? It would be hard to admit but your system has possibly gone too far, and no help can save it anymore. So, how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your A/C? Here are signs you need to watch out for.

System’s Age

Just like other appliances, your air conditioning unit gets old and weary as it works harder to meet your cooling requirement. As it ages, it loses its efficiency, becoming unreliable and demanding costly repairs. Replacing your unit with a new one is a wise move in this situation.

Inconsistent Temperature

Are you feeling too cold, too hot or never just right? The inconsistent temperature in your home is an obvious sign of an A/C failure. Other factors could be a faulty thermostat, ductwork issues, or damaged component in your system. Call the pros to diagnose the problem and give you expert advice.

Constant Repairs

Do you often call an HVAC repairman to come over and service your air conditioner? If your system is constantly malfunctioning and repairs become part of your budget, consider getting a new unit. It will save you from troubles and stress than continuing in spending more money in an old A/C. Replacing your unit saves you time, money and stress-free.

Foul Smell and Strange Noises

Foul smell and strange noises are among the signs of a bad A/C system. Mold growth, dirt, and other debris can clog your air filters, ductwork, and other core parts of your unit. These particles can be the source of bad smell blowing by your air conditioner.

On the other hand, common causes of strange noises in your A/C can be a bad motor, a loose belt, damaged parts, and burned wires. Ask professional help from your trusted HVAC company in Northeast, TX.                                                                                                           

Consistent High-Energy Bills

Are you consistently paying for high-energy bills? Though air conditioners are considered as energy hogs, it shouldn’t cause your energy consumption to snowball steadily, unless your system is having several issues. If your A/C system is failing to perform efficiently, you need to call the pros to address the issue immediately.

Have you noticed these signs from your A/C system? Contact us at All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration, LLC, today! We have service professionals who guarantee an excellent HVAC system-service.


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