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The Importance Of Furnace Maintenance: Heater Repair

Is your home ready for the fast-approaching cold season? How about the source of your heating comfort for the long cold nights? If you haven’t been paying attention to it, now’s the time to have your furnace checked. All Around A/C, Heating and Refrigeration shares these simple steps to prepare your furnace for the next cold wave.

Change Filters.

HVAC filter replacement is crucial in the proper operation of your furnace. Dirty filters reduce the unit’s efficiency and may cause it to work harder and longer. There is also risk in your safety because dirty filters can root to fire.

Reverse The Fan Motion.

Running the fans in reverse helps prevent them from getting stuck. This will also help maintain the smooth and light operation of your system.

Remove Flammable Materials.

Keep those combustible materials away from the furnace. Items like gasoline cans and loose woods can cause risks when exposed to too much heat which your furnace releases. After securing the space surrounding your furnace, block drafts from nearby doors and windows because they can cause your furnace to work harder.

Secure All Panels.

Double check the screws and fittings in the panels if they are properly tightened. Sometimes, leaks can be found in the panels so better check on them and provide necessary solutions.

Check Electrical Wires.

Be sure to examine if the electrical wirings are in proper placing. See to it that the wires are not worn or frayed. Damaged electrical wirings are most of the time the cause of system shutdown and fire.

Test Your Furnace.

Don’t forget to test your furnace and your thermostat. Once you start to run it, be attentive of the noises, foul odors and how long it takes to warm the air. Check also if it’s being responsive to the temperature set in your thermostat. This will help you identify some glitches and provide solution ahead of time.

Get In Touch With An HVAC Professional.

Even if you don’t ask for it, your furnace might fail in the most unexpected time and DIY maintenance oftentimes misses some problems in the system. Get in touch with your trusted HVAC company to ensure that your furnace is ready for use.

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