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How to Tell If You Have an Undersized Air Conditioner

The size of your air conditioning unit is a vital consideration when buying a new system. Many homeowners in Northeast Texas would prefer a smaller unit because they come in lesser cost. Little do they know that whatever size they get, they will not receive the comfort and savings they want if it is not compatible with their house requirements.

Is your A/C unit too small for your home? Here are the signs that you should check.

Your Air Conditioner is Running Non-Stop

There are several reasons your air conditioning unit runs continuously and never shuts off. One of these is an undersized air conditioning unit. When your A/C is too small for your home, it needs to work continuously to provide the right cooling. It can cause overheating of components and may lead to expensive repairs. If you are planning to buy a replacement for your air conditioning system, be sure to get an estimate to know the right size for your home.

You Have High Electric Bill

What happens when your air conditioning unit runs continuously? Of course, you will be faced with a tremendously high electric bill. Visit a neighbor with the same home size as yours and compare your monthly energy bills. If you notice an excessively high cost in cooling your home, schedule a professional check immediately to know if it needs a bigger system. It is better to pay the service charge and have the problem fixed than paying more than necessary to the electric company.

Your House Never Gets Cold

This is probably the surest sign of having too small of an air conditioning unit. At a normal rate, A/C units should make your home cool in one long, continuous cycle. However, modern air conditioning units can be a bit slow but still cools your home overtime. If you notice insufficient cooling after an almost a day cycle of you air conditioner, there may be an issue on the size. You can also check if there is less air flow in the vents. If your filter is clean, the problem probably rests on size incompatibility.

Are you in doubt that your air conditioning unit is too small for your home? What you need is professional guidance. Call the professionals at All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration, LLC. We can help you get the right A/C size for your home!

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