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Why Is My Furnace Dripping Water

Water leaks on your furnace, when left untreated, can cause major problems. Aside from damaging your wall, flooring and furniture, water leaks can also put your health at risk due to mold contamination. That’s why it’s best to tackle a leak as soon as possible. But what actually causes furnace leaks? Here are the possible reasons why your furnace is dripping water.

Malfunctioning Heat Exchanger

A malfunctioning heat exchanger can also cause your furnace to leak. If you don’t know any DIY fix on this problem, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician to check and fix the issue. If your secondary heat exchanger is in bad shape, it could be time to install a new unit.

Condensation Leaks

A newer heating system is more energy efficient than traditional unit. As a modern furnace pumps cool exhaust away from the system, it may increase the condensation amassing at the base of the unit, causing water to leak. The problem could be an incorrect size of flue pipe. Experts recommend homeowners to install high efficiency furnace.

Clogged Internal Drain

Furnace units share an internal draining system with your cooling unit. If the internal drain gets clogged, it could redirect water into your heating system, causing it to leak.

Leaky Humidifier

Another reason of water leakage on your furnace is a clogged or cracked humidifier. Your furnace’s humidifiers are connected to your plumbing system and require water to release additional moisture to the air. If your humidifier cracks or clogs, it can cause water to leak from the plumbing system onto the furnace, which makes it look like the heating unit is leaking water.

Leaky Pipes Near The Furnace

Just like a humidifier leaking water on your heating unit, leaky plumbing pipes can also be the culprit behind your furnace leaking water. Also, a clogged pipes can also lead to a backup in your floor drain, giving you the perception that the furnace is leaking.

If your furnace is leaking water and you don’t know the problem, contact All-A-Round Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration for diagnosis.

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