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Why Is My Furnace Causing a Tripped Circuit Breaker?

Furnaces are the widely used heating systems in Northeast Texas. Since we’re still in the midst of winter, we expect to be using more of it in the weeks to come. That’s why most homeowners make sure that their furnaces and all other heating units are properly maintained and closely watched for potential problems.

However, it’s a sad fact that even the most expensive furnace system can still experience problems especially when constantly used but poorly maintained. One of the worst scenarios that can happen in your furnace is a trip circuit breaker. Never ignore this problem! Some homeowners would simply reset the circuit breaker and carry on until the breaker tripped again. They’re making things worse.

Yes! This Happens To Gas Furnaces

Whenever a circuit breaker trips, it signifies that something is wrong inside your system. The reason why this happens is to protect the system from a large voltage surge. Sometimes, a gas furnace is commonly misunderstood because it uses natural gas combustion to generate heat. Even if it works that way, the other components are still powered by electricity.

Most furnaces are using electronic ignition instead of pilot lights and the main electrical component is the blower motor. This is oftentimes the reason for tripped circuit breakers. Check out these common causes why this problem occurs:

  • The furnace filter is clogged. We all know the importance of proper airflow which is commonly disturbed in filter parts of an HVAC system. A clogged filter is probably the most common cause of many furnace problems but also the easiest to fix. When filters are congested with particles such as dust and lint, it adds strain to the blower motor and eventually causing the circuit to overload.
  • The air duct is leaking. If the air duct which is connected to the furnace is damaged, it may cause air to leak out of the system. With insufficient amount of air, the air pressure drops increasing stress on the blower motor.
  • The motor itself is damaged. If all other components work perfectly fine, the reason may rest in the blower motor itself. It is important to regularly check if there are worn down insulation to prevent tripping circuit breaker.

Whatever the reason why your circuit breaker tripped, always call a professional help. Don’t ever try to solve the issue yourself for you might just end up compromising the safety of your unit and your property. Call the experts at All-Around A/C for guaranteed services for your HVAC needs.

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