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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Heating and cooling systems should be included in the top priority list of your commercial plans. Since these units can make or unmake your business, be sure not to skip the needed services for the proper operation of your HVAC systems.

The services involving your commercial HVAC systems are maintenance, repair and replacement. If you are a business owner, you’d rather spend for the first service. Maintenance is crucial to your commercial HVAC and there’s plenty of parts to keep an eye to. To give you a rundown, All Around AC provides this maintenance checklist for your guide.

Outdoor Units

  • Check if the refrigerant level is sufficient.
  • Clean coils and cabinets.
  • Remove obstructions that may block the drain openings.
  • Check for damage in the compressor and tubing.
  • Remove leaves, twigs and other debris in the unit.
  • Apply lubrication on the mechanical parts such as fan motor and fan blades.
  • Inspect the control box and wiring connections for damages.
  • Provide repairs on damaged parts.

Indoor Units

  • Clean blower assembly.
  • Lubricate fan belts and provide replacement if needed.
  • Check for lints in the combustion blower house and clean as needed.
  • Clean and remove obstructions in the evaporator coils and condensate drain lines.
  • Clean also the burner assembly and make adjustments if needed.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check for dislocation and damages in the flue system.
  • Inspect wiring and connections as well as the heating elements.
  • Replace air filters.
  • Check the ductworks.

During System Operation

  • Check for abnormal noises and unusual odors that come out whenever you start to run the system.
  • Monitor the improper and uneven distribution of temperature in the different parts of the establishment.
  • Check the line and gas pressure for gas furnace and make adjustments if needed.
  • Monitor correct load/volts of the system.
  • Check if the system operation follows manufacturer’s specification.
  • Make reports on the operation of the system and suggest proper repair and replacement if necessary.
  • Check all operating and safety controls.

These checklist can guide you in your preventive maintenance program for your commercial HVAC. However, we recommend that you make one based on the needs and specifications of your system and the needs of your facility.

If you’re not sure on what’s best for your commercial HVAC, feel free to call us and we’ll tailor a maintenance program to keep your HVAC systems running in tiptop shape.

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