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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Chirps Consistently: What Causes It?

Wondering why your carbon monoxide detector beeps every 30 seconds? This might sound surprising, but the consistent alarm created by the device indicates some serious issues in it. Good thing our team at All Around AC is here to tell you why it happens and what you should do about it.

Here are the following conditions that cause your CO detector to alarm consistently:

Low on Battery Charge

If your alarm chirps every 15 seconds, it needs battery replacement. The alarm battery plays a crucial role to keep the device responding to harmful gases inside your home. So if you have been using it for quite some time, replace its battery so it can function properly.

End of Life Warning

Your CO detector only lasts up to five years. But you can easily identify when your device is about to reach the end of lifespan through a chirping sound every 30 seconds.  Also, it displays an ERR or END error code on its screen as an end-of-life warning. Take note that replacing the battery won’t stop the beeping, so you have to turn it off and replace the device.

Error Condition

Your CO detector might alarm continuously if it runs out of charge or when it malfunctions. On this condition, your device may not detect the carbon monoxide gas inside your home. Refer to the user’s manual for more information about the specific CO detector you use at home. But if you need expert troubleshooting, call your product support or your local HVAC company.

Alarm Malfunction

When you hear a short chirp and see a red LED flashes once every 30 seconds, your CO detector might have an alarm malfunction. Try pushing and holding the ‘Test/Reset’ button of your CO detector for five seconds and then release it. Your device will get back to zero if your reset is successful. But if it’s an actual malfunction, it will go back to ERR. This calls for a replacement already.

If these problems are left unsolved or you just keep on ignoring them, you’re putting everyone in the house at great risk. Also, your CO detector cannot do its proper job if it is malfunctioning. So as early as now, check your safety devices to ensure a worry-free winter. Contact our experts at All Around AC if you need expert assistance.

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