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How Can Your A/C Save You Money?

Do you always receive scary energy bill at the end of the month? Time to be a savvy HVAC owner. Try these smart ways to you save on your cooling bills.

Change Old AC

If your air conditioning unit is already more than 10 years, start shopping for a new one. Time has reduced the efficiency of your AC that’s why there seem to have a noticeable effect on your cooling cost. Do not wait until the AC unit totally breaks down before deciding to replace it. It may still be working well, but it’s not guaranteed that you’re paying the right amount for the service that you get.

Change Filter Regularly

One of the reasons why there is sudden increase in your energy bill is dirty air filter. The dirt and particles in it blocks the air flow making the system work harder. Changing your air filter on a monthly basis may lessen your energy expenses as well as reduce health risks for your family.

Repair AC Duct Leaks

Research shows that 10% to 40% of your cooling payment is lost in the openings and holes in your duct joints. Ask for a professional’s help to examine your ductworks for any bad connections and cracks that cause leaks of air. Seal them before you end up with a big slice in your budget for your energy bill.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Learn from your neighbors about the saving effect of programmable thermostats and try it for your home. As compared to manually operated thermostats, the temperature is regulated by smart thermostats to avoid wasted energy while you are not at home. You are still given the full control of your home’s temperature via an app on your phone.

 Do Not Cool The Neighborhood

The older your house, the greater possibility of cool air escapes. It’s a good idea to make a full home energy inspection with your local contractor. They will check leaks and recommend solutions to them. You can also do simple auditing yourself by walking around your home and see if you can feel the cool air from your house. If there is, insulate your windows and doors and seal all other exit points of cool air.

You can create your own ways to save money from your air condition system. While your HVAC system provides you comfort for the summer season, be sure that it also gives you the benefit of energy savings!

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