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Busting Myths on Ductless Mini-Splits

Even though ductless mini-splits have already established a reputation in the HVAC industry, many people are still in doubt about using them due to several myths they read and heard. But are these myths really true? Definitely, not!

Here are the common myths on ductless mini-splits that simply are not true:

Myth #1: Ductless mini-splits are not suitable for newly constructed homes.

This myth is almost true. However, ductless mini-split systems are still a great choice for homeowners looking for ways to upgrade or add a new comfort system to new homes. Besides being an energy-efficient option, these units are also ideal if you want to control the temperature in each room of your home.

Myth #2: Ductless mini-splits do not provide balanced heating and cooling.

For other homeowners who do not fully understand how ductless mini-split systems work, this myth may sound very convincing. Here is the thing: these systems are designed to adapt to your family members’ comfort needs. With the indoor units installed in each room, you are free to set a level of temperature that feels comfortable for a specific space. Note that the varying temperature in each room does not mean your home has uneven temperature; it is just how mini-split units work.

Myth #3: Ductless mini-splits are not good for air quality.

Other homeowners mistakenly believe that ductless mini-splits collect and dispense airborne contaminants and irritants indoors. The truth is these systems have air filters and other helpful features that keep harmful air contaminants at bay. This myth may be true if you opt not to check, clean, and replace your air filters regularly or ignore to schedule a maintenance service.

Myth #4: Ductless mini-splits eliminate energy loss.

Since ductless mini-splits do not have ductwork, some homeowners believed that the units could eliminate energy loss. The truth is they do not work that way. While ductless mini-split systems are typically energy efficient, this one is technically a myth. Energy loss can still occur if your home is filled with gaps and cracks and if you do not schedule regular maintenance for your system.

Myth #5: Ductless mini-splits’ installation costs less.

This is not true, unfortunately. The cost of installation will basically depend on the size of your space, but generally similar to the value of installation for their standalone counterparts. In some cases, they may cost a little bit higher than traditional systems.

Sometimes, you do not have to believe in what you read and heard around. The best thing to do is to call the heating and cooling experts to fully understand the science behind ductless mini-splits. Contact our team at All-A-Round A/C, Heating & Refrigeration to know the truth about these systems.

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