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6 Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips

Your furnace is a significant component of your home comfort systems during the winter season. To keep your family warm and comfortable, it’s important to do some preventive measures for your heating system. During the cold winter months, here’s a rundown of maintenance tips to ensure that your furnace operates at its best.

  1. Start maintenance early.

Don’t be surprised if your furnace beaks down in the middle of a chilly winter night. The coldest nights of the winter season seem to be a perfect opportunity for unexpected furnace failure. To spare yourself and your loved ones from this frustrating scene, start a proactive approach to furnace maintenance as early as possible. Doing some maintenance work even before the heating season sets in is recommended.

  1. Inspect your unit.

Before you start doing any maintenance job on your furnace, do the eye test. Inspect the venting pipe and be sure that it is properly angled and securely fastened. Check other tubes including the drainage tubes for your air conditioner. Also, don’t forget to smell the gas flex. If you smell something rotten, then there’s a gas leak. It’s best to bring in a professional HVAC repairman in situations like this.

  1. Check the thermostat wires.

First off, turn the power to the unit off and remove the furnace doors. Next, start your furnace maintenance job by giving the thermostat wires a gentle pull to make sure that they are securely fitted and tight.

  1. Do some cleaning job.

Dust, debris, and specs of dirt can significantly reduce the operational efficiency of your heating system. To prevent this from happening, clean the inner parts of the furnace using a soft-tipped brush. It will loosen the debris and dirt without causing any damage to the interior components. After brushing, use a portable vacuum to remove the material.

  1. Clean the sensor.

Your furnace loses its functionality if the flame sensor gets dirty, so give it a gentle annual cleaning. Unbolt the flame sensor from the system and clean it using an emery cloth. After cleaning the sensor, reinstall the door. You can also talk to your HVAC contractor for sensor replacement.

  1. Consider hiring a pro.

Whether you don’t have the technical knowhow in handling furnace maintenance task, or you are not comfortable working on it, you can consider hiring a professional HVAC contractor in your area. In the first place, proper furnace maintenance tasks can be difficult if you lack mechanical background. In fact, even in situations where you feel you can do DIY maintenance, it’s still a smart idea to bring in a professional technician for a thorough inspection of your unit.

Keeping your furnace in good shape before the winter season gets in full swing is crucial for your comfort during the cold winter months. As early as possible, you have to allot ample time for proper maintenance task of your heating system. Don’t hesitate to call on a professional HVAC technician to make your furnace maintenance jobs easier.

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