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5 Tips To Reduce Your Heating Costs


Who says you can’t have a warm and cozy winter at a lesser heating cost? It only takes little changes to your everyday routine. Here are some tricks that can prevent your heating bill from skyrocketing.

  1. Turn down the temperature at night.

Dropping the thermostat when you’re ready to sleep can help save energy big time. It will turn your home a bit cooler but you can always count on the warm cuddle of your blankets. To avoid being troubled with the cold temperature when you wake up, set your programmable thermostat to raise the temperature starting at the time you wake.

  1. Humidify the air.

Increasing moisture level in your home is truly an energy saving strategy for the winter season. It helps in holding heat effectively causing a warmer atmosphere inside.  If you love making soup which is a great remedy for the coldest time of the year, you can use the steam to increase the moisture. It’s a nice small benefit that can cut your energy consumption big time.

  1. Use space heaters.

If you’re spending most of your time in only one room, it will be best to turn off your furnace system and opt for space heater instead. It works efficiently in heating small spaces and the operation is very much cheaper as compared to having your furnace system running. To maximize your saving, turn space heaters off when you leave the room or when you’re ready for bed.

  1. Keep the blinds closed.

Open the blinds when your window is directly heat by sunlight. This brings additional warmth inside your home. If the sun is behind clouds however, you might want to add insulation to your windows by closing the blinds. This will help lock the heat inside and prevent cold air from getting in so you don’t have to fire up your furnace too long or set the thermostat too high.

  1. Cook meals at home.

Cooking meals especially this winter season is a helpful strategy in warming your home. Aside from heating your food, you are also keeping your home warm because of the heat that escapes from your oven.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your winter season with great comfort and low energy bill with these simple but truly helpful tips from All Around A/C. If you’re troubled with your HVAC system as well, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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