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5 Summer Prep Tips for A/C

Hot summer months can hurt your air conditioning unit relentlessly. It’s important to get your system ready before the summer season hits. Rest easy because you will never go unprepared for summer with these smart tips.

Replace Your Air Filters Periodically

Replacing your air filters is the easiest way to keep your air conditioning system work efficiently. Dirt, dust, and other particles can clog your air filters, causing your A/C to blow warm air and increase your energy consumption. Make sure to get your air filters replaced every 1 to 3 months.

Remove Debris from Condenser

Inspect your outside unit at least twice a month. Leaves, mold, and other debris can cover your condenser easily. These extra loads can cause your system to overheat and reduce its lifespan. Take this opportunity to remove the trash or cut back the vegetation from your condenser. Remember—nothing beats professional cleaning.

Check the Coolant Lines

Check the coolant lines that run between your outside unit and its inside counterpart. Ensure that your refrigerant tubes or pipes are covered with insulation foam. This will maximize your energy efficiency and save you money. Also, if you notice frayed or missing insulation, it needs to be replaced. Leaks around your unit should be fixed immediately as well.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Just like your air filters, your condenser coils are susceptible to airborne pollutants. Dirty coils reduce your system’s ability to cool your home.

Here’s how to clean your condenser coils. First, remove the protective grilles to reach the coils. Use a refrigerator brush for gentle cleaning. You may also use a water hose to rinse them off. Just be careful not to bend the fins and coils. Sounds a tedious work? Call the pros in Northeast TX to get it done quickly for you.

Schedule Your A/C Service before Summer Begins!

Most A/C units fail during the hot season and some homeowners get busy during springtime. To avoid system failures, it makes sense to schedule your A/C service as early as now. Let the trained professionals run a complete check-up of your cooling system.

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