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5 Fall Energy-Saving Tips for Wills Point, TX Homeowners

The fall season is still around, and if you want to save energy and money, it is not yet too late to catch up. Take note that the fall is a convenient season to save money on your heating and cooling costs. With all those expenses in holidays and family gatherings, it is nice to think that at some point, you can actually save some cash.

Here are the tips on how you can lower your energy bills and save money this fall season:

  1. Get a Heating Tune-Up

Getting a tune-up for your heating system does not just prepare your home for the winter months, but also save you more cash. It is the best way for you to save money on costly emergency repairs ideally because the early signs of damages are spotted before they become major problems.

  1. Check and Repair Your Ductwork

Your ductwork plays a major role in your comfort and savings. Split, perforated, and fallen duct can cause problems in the overall operation of your HVAC system. Damages in the duct can cause air leaks, hot and cold spots, and poor airflow. Or worse, you might shell out money for an expensive repair. Be sure to inspect your duct right away if you want to save more cash this season.

  1. Turn Back Your Thermostat’s Temperature

Regulating your thermostat is an important step to save money this season. According to the Department of Energy, you should turn back your thermostat’s temperature if no one is around. And when you are at home, you should only set it at the most comfortable temperature to save at least ten percent of energy.

  1. Use a Tin Foil

This might sound so simple, but it does a great job in saving you cash this fall. Place a piece of tin foil behind your radiator to reflect the heat back inside your house. You can also use this affordable and simple money-saving hack in winter to cut down your heating bills.

  1. Change Your Air Filter

This tip is often overlooked but changing your air filter could save your house from consuming unnecessary energy. Your air filter is the access point for the airflow of your HVAC system and the place where allergens and other dirt particles are filtered. If they clogged up, your airflow is reduced and the resistance is increased, pushing your unit to work harder and consuming more energy.

With nearly fifty percent of the energy cost goes to heating and cooling, you might think that saving money is such a hard task to do this season. Well, you are wrong! Follow the tips we mentioned above and see a great difference in your energy bill. Should you need more energy saving tip, call us at All Around AC today!

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