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4 Benefits of Installing LPG for Home Heating

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) had become very useful in home heating, especially to households that do not have access to gas networks or to homeowners who want to save on high energy bills. Designed as a safe-to-use alternative to oil and electric heating, LPG is stored in tanks or cylinders to promote safe home heating operation throughout the cold months.

Discover other noteworthy benefits of using LPG central heating for your home this winter by reading this post.

  1. Safe for the Environment

Unlike oil heating, gas-powered heating is much safer for the environment due to its low heat emission. In fact, propane gas in LPG is listed as clean fuel in the Clean Air Act of 1990 and Energy Policy Act of 1992. This means that LPG burns cleaner compared to other fossil fuels. So, if you are interested in maintaining an eco-friendly home without sacrificing your comfort, LPG central heating is the most powerful solution you can get.

  1. Inexpensive Home Heating Solution

Liquefied petroleum gas is an inexpensive alternative to any of your electric heating appliances. Heating your water using LPG instead of electricity can save you almost 30% of energy annually. Your tank-less water heater can also reach its highest efficiency level up to 94% using LPG. Therefore, saving money with this choice is not impossible.

  1. High-Energy Alternative

LPG has higher octane rating compared to gasoline or other traditional fuels. While electrically-powered heat pumps deliver low percentage of warm air to heat human body, LPG can offer a consistent supply of heated air around 155 degrees, making your indoor environment constantly warm throughout the cold months. Also, take note a that electricity will spend an hour to reheat the water inside your tank, but liquefied petroleum gas will only require 20 minutes to do the job.

  1. Easy to Install

One of the most valuable benefits you can keep with using LPG is that it is easy to install and it only require low maintenance over the course of use. This makes a convenient option if you want to make the most of gas heating, whether you use a furnace, water heater or gas stove. Make sure to call a local HVAC company to handle the installation process.

If you consider installing a gas-powered heating unit or if you have problems in your LPG heating system, our experts at All Around A/C, Heating & Refrigeration can help. We are readily available to assist in solving your LPG equipment problems in your gas stoves, furnaces, and water heaters. Set your appointment with us today!

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